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Marathon Runner :iconasaok:ASAOK 0 0
Alive Within Words
I'm looking for words to write about you
But I've just about run myself dry
"I love you, I hate you, you made me, you break me"
I've said it all already, so the world knows it all
But with every word I spit
Every time I say everything I can
All I wanna do is say it more
If talking is the only way to keep you alive
I'll never shut up
I hope you keep me alive in the same way, too
I think you do
Because, for all it's been
I'd be dead right now
So you must be keeping me alive
Did you know your words mean something, too?
They're like shackles
They're not around my neck or my ankles, my wrist or my skull
They're around my heart and my head
Keeping me where I was 2 year ago from here.
:iconasaok:ASAOK 1 0
Lone Heart
I truely think one day you'll figure it out
That it's all you're good for
You don't know it now
You think you can be loved
But when you've expired
And you're all alone, nothing but you and a gaping hole
Maybe it'll hit you that you could not be loved
See your clothes on the floor?
Such a familiar scene
Oh, but your hands are full
And your night time eyes can't pick up the images around you
As you settle into something that by this time seems scripted
You've been here dozens of times before
But there's always someone new on top
And as you hear him gasp for breath you start to scream
But are these of pleasureful pain
Or are these screams of your conscience crying, CRYING
for the damage you feed it every day
Just trying to remind you that you were once worth something
But not anymore, not anymore
There is no hope for you anymore
You've way passed your time
You have fit into your habits
This movie plays over and over again
It's so familiar now that you cannot stop
You cannot break out
:iconasaok:ASAOK 0 0
Mature content
You Were Never Strong :iconasaok:ASAOK 0 0
L is not for LoveIt's for You
Please don't say her name
I might die
I might bleed tonight
Because I just cannot handle breathing when you're so far away
I guess I've learned a lesson
I guess I've got some first hand experience
I'll never tell anyone again to just forget about it
Because now I know that you can never forget about it.
Everything I do reminds me of you
Every time I see a bird in the sky
Down to the food on my plate
That reminds me of our first date
So I'm hurting more than you can imagine
Or maybe you know this too?
But I don't see that you're feeling the same pain I do.
So when you're lonely, do you think of me?
Do my ears ring just because of you?
Could you have possibly forgotten me?
I'll never forget you.
I'll never forget the mistakes I made that cost me love itself.
Yes I've lost love itself.
You don't have to tell me what I did to throw it away.
I know you don't want to tell me that I was ever wrong in any way.
I can tell that this wasn't just you, and that did it too.
But if I could do it all
:iconasaok:ASAOK 1 0
Mature content
Dictionaries :iconasaok:ASAOK 0 0
Mature content
What I Would Say if I Told You :iconasaok:ASAOK 0 0
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Mature content
Not Anymore :iconasaok:ASAOK 0 2
dA ID...again by ASAOK dA ID...again :iconasaok:ASAOK 0 5


Holy shit...
I logged in to dA to buy a print from someone and found out I still have friends who use it.
It also made me nostalgic to the point that I almost threw up at work. So there's that.
It's kind of sad that I'm not on here anymore, that I don't have time for much art any more. I haven't written
too much in years. I play in a band here and there, but really I just work all the time, and make excuses
for myself not to do much. I've since deleted my facebook, I could say that's why I lost touch with so many
friends, but the truth is that I lost touch with them long before that.
If you're still around on here, come pop in and say hi, everyone. Chances are I miss you.


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SharpiesPwnYou Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2012
Mine forever?
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Of course!
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SharpiesPwnYou Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2010
JOEHHHHH *glomp!*
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JOEHHH *huggle* miss me?
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laurasayshi Featured By Owner May 4, 2010  Student Writer
i completely forgot i was watching you on here, till i got updates from you.
ASAOK Featured By Owner May 4, 2010
You forgot about me?
Yea, I don't really update much. *shrug*
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